The Untold Tale

Pip is pulled against her will into the epic fantasy novel series she’s loved since she was a teenager. But the world is darker, and far more dangerous than she could have predicted. Pip knows how to navigate the pitfalls and loopholes of this particular world – but what will happen to her beloved characters outside of the comfort of the fantasy they were written for?

“I want more. Books more.” — Ed Greenwood, Forgotten Realms

The Forgotten Tale

Forsyth Turn has finally become a hero—however reluctantly. But now that Lucy Piper has married him and they’ve started a family in her world, his adventuring days are behind him. Yet not all is as it should be. Beloved novels are disappearing at an alarming rate, not just from the minds of readers like Pip, but from bookshelves as well. Almost like magic.

A “clever, adventurous, and endearing second Turn novel” — Publishers Weekly

The Silenced Tale

Forsyth Turn can’t stand being a hero. Forsyth expected his days of magic and heroics to be behind him. But then Pip starts suffering night terrors laced with images of glowing ivy and Elgar Reed calls with fears of bizarre threats and a man garbed all in black. Now, he has to face the possibility that he wasn’t the only one to escape the pages of The Tales of Kintyre Turn.

“All good things come in threes and the Accidental Turn trilogy is no different.”– Anna Tan


My award winning debut novel has returned to print!
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To a Stranger

I’m honoured to be able to announce that my unproduced screenplay has been named an OFFICIAL SELECTION by these Film Festivals!

Live from Studio 5

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