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Album Review: Victor Sierra’s “The Manchurian Pass”

I am very happy to once again have the privilege of filling my head with the glorious sounds of my Parisian friends The Legendary Converted Princess, Big Machine, and Commander Bob a.k.a. the marvelous steampunk band Victor Sierra. Their fourth album – take that in! four albums – was released earlier this month, and it

ALBUM REVIEW – Victor Sierra’s “Strange Country”

(Full Disclosure – I received a presser and free copy of the album in exchange for an honest review.) VICTOR SIERRA’S WEBSITE | BANDCAMP | iTUNES | TWITTER | FACEBOOK Defining “steampunk” is hard enough when investigating the aesthetic in the visual sense. Trying to explain that it’s more than goggles, what happens when Goths

Interview: Victor Sierra and “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”

          Those in the know are aware that I am a wee bit of a Steampunk. I quite enjoy the aesthetic as a cosplayer, and I’ve been trying to pull together a Steampunk novel series for several years now. (I think we’re aaaaaaaalmost there).          I have a soft spot for Victor Sierra, an extremely talented Paris-based

IndieGoGO for Victor Sierra

Hey, guys! I normally wouldn’t pimp someone elses’ project, but steampunk band Victor Sierra has been awesome to me these past few months, and I’d love to see them meet their goal for their New Album fundraising campaign. You can check out all of the information here: If you DO donate, you’ll also be

Review: Victor Sierra, “Electric Rain”

Victor Sierra – Album Review Arabesque, haunting, throaty and filled with European duende, Paris-based Victor Sierra’s album “Electric Rain” is perfect for Steampunks who want a less England-central experience. With lyrics in French, German, Yiddish, and English, Victor Sierra’s Anouk Adrien, Bob Eisenstein and Big Machine offer international flavor and haunting melodies mixed with a driving, relentless rhythm