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The Accidental Turn Series

Here is the suggested reading order for The Accidental Turn series. THE UNTOLD TALE Book One of The Accidental Turn Series (Reuts Publications, Dec 2015) This book follows Pip, who is pulled against her will into the epic fantasy novel series she’s loved since she was a teenager. However, the world is darker, and far more dangerous

What Readers Are Saying – The Accidental Turn Series

Reader Reviews on Goodreads The Untold Tale Ghosts The Forgotten Tale Arrivals The Silenced Tale The Accidental Turn Collection   In the Media: Publishers Weekly loved The Forgotten Tale. The Pulp Press The YA Literature Bookshelf reviews The Untold Tale (longer review here) and Ghosts Anna Tan wishes she could give the book 10/5 stars, March 22nd,

RELEASE DAY – The Accidental Collection

Something Magical happened today! The forth and final book in The Accidental Turn series is now out in the world! Happy book birthday to THE ACCIDENTAL COLLECTION Forsyth Turn had no desire to be a hero, but that’s what he became. Bevel Dom has spent his whole life telling stories, never realizing that he was

COVER REVEAL – The Accidental Collection

The Accidental Collection, the fourth and final book of The Accidental Turn Series.  Releasing July 3rd 2018! You can preorder your copy of The Accidental Collection right here. Once again, REUTS Publications and Publisher/Cover Designer Ashley Ruggirello has smashed this one out of the park. I specifically requested a purple cover because Pip’s magic, unlike the

Cover Reveal – Arrivals, An Accidental Novella

Arrivals an Accidental Turn Series Novella After seventeen years of adventuring, Bevel Dom and Kintyre Turn are finally returning home. Forsyth Turn—brother to Bevel’s long-time questing partner and newly Paired lover—has left both Hain and a hell of a lot of responsibility behind. He’s bequeathed the Shadow’s Mask and position of the king’s spymaster to