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WORDS FOR WRITERS: How to Plan a Series

I know I’ve discussed this little a bit in other articles before, but I wanted to talk specifically about the process of plotting a multi-book narrative. And how to make the ending satisfying because, from an emotional standpoint, this is the moment both you and your audience has been waiting for – the time when

WORDS FOR WRITERS: What Is a Street Team? (Guest Post)

THE STREET TEAM: YES, YOU NEED ONE by Jillian Boehme So, you’ve got a book to sell. Are you ready to sit back and watch your Amazon rank climb while you sip a latte and plan your next story? Planning the next story is a good idea (and so is the latte), but sitting back

WORDS FOR WRITERS: How to Create a Pitch Package

What is a Pitch Package? Also called a Bible, or a Pitch Doc, this is a collection of very specific documents and write ups, which you’ll need along the publishing and marketing journey. But why do you need it? Because agents, editors, publishers, and marketers are going to ask for it. The documents that you

WORDS FOR WRITERS – How To Write a Synopsis

Having to write a synopsis is the single worst part of being a write. THE WORST. I see you “tagged in a negative review on Twitter” and I raise you “having to condense 80k words worth of my beloved precious lyrical story baby into a summary.” Bad reviews happen, but they happen to you, they