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WORDS FOR WRITERS: The Value of Fanfiction

There’s been a lot of chatter on social media these last few weeks, recycling that trashy, self-aggrandizing, tired old “hot take” that reading and writing fanfiction is somehow bad for you as a writer.   Before we go any further, let me give a clear and definitive answer to this take: No, reading and writing

WORDS FOR WRITERS – Do You Need That Prologue?

  Question: Do you agree with Brian Klems that agents don’t like prologues? Brian says only use one if it’s “out of time sequence,” which mine is (it’s also necessary to the story). He suggests, if a writer has a prologue, changing the name to “chapter one,” even if it’s out of time sequence. Would

WORDS FOR WRITERS – Narrative Conflict

Stories are, fundamentally, all about conflicts. In most stories, your Protagonist wants something – to change a rule in the government, to avenge a death of a loved one, to hook up with the cutie from band practice, to dispel a witch’s curse – and your Antagonist usually wants something that is in direct opposition

WORDS FOR WRITERS – Leaving an Agent

While I’ve spoken at length on how to get an agent, something I haven’t discussed is how to leave one when your relationship isn’t working out any more. I’m not talking about ragequitting  because you got told off for bad behavior, or because your book isn’t selling, or because you weren’t an instant and critical success. I’m talking about