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Dragon Moon Press, April 2011
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Art by Charles Bernard“You know those movies where the aliens come to Earth, and they… I dunno, they try to steal our natural resources, or create a nuclear winter so they can turn the Earth into slag, or they melt the polar ice caps and New York is under fathoms of water, or they clone us for slaves, or create terrifying bioweapons and wipe us all out and use our cities for farmland, or…all that stuff? It was nothing like that.”

Part District 9, part Lost in Translation, part Stranger in a Strange Land, Triptych is a poignant, character-driven science fiction story about tolerance, love and loss.

Named one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2011, and listed in The Advocate’s Best Overlooked Books of 2011 article. Read the short story that inspired the book for free: (Back) (Silverthought Press, March 2008)  


Double Dragon Publishing, June 2012
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Mary was a fan of the vampire drama “City By Night”, until she woke up in the show. At first, Mary is thrilled – who wouldn’t want to live alongside their favorite TV characters? The charm fades when Mary realizes that the extras still don’t speak, the matte paintings don’t become real, and all the infuriating flaws in the writing are just amplified when you have to try to interact with the shallow characters. And then, of course, the lead character Leondre DuNoir falls for her! Leondre’s his admiration comes with its own set of problems: Antonio, Leondre’s psychotic stalker, has a habit of killing off the girls-of-the-week. To stay alive, Mary has to find a way home from a world that, pardon the pun, totally sucks.

A loving satire of vampire-detective tropes, fandom, and Mary Sues.

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“The Twenty Seven Club”

Coming Fall 2014.





Image Source: A model floating in the water at Weeki Wachee Spring, Florida. The image by fashion photographer Toni Frissell was published in Harper’s Bazaar in December 1947

Image Source: A model floating in the water at Weeki Wachee Spring, Florida. The image by fashion photographer Toni Frissell was published in Harper’s Bazaar in December 1947

“The Moral of the Story”

Coming FALL 2014.

The first Tesseracts anthology was edited by Judith Merril. Since its publication in 1985, 299 authors/editors/translators and guests have contributed 502 pieces of Canadian speculative fiction, fantasy and horror for this series. Some of Canada’s best known speculative fiction writers have been published within the pages of these volumes – including Margaret Atwood, William Gibson, Robert J. Sawyer, and Spider Robinson (to name a few). Tesseracts Eighteen is the forthcoming volume in the series. The entire series includes Tesseracts One through Seventeen, plus Tesseracts Q, which features translations of works by some of Canada’s top francophone writers of science fiction and fantasy.

“Whose Doctor?”
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McFarland Press, Summer, 2013

Doctor Who In Time and SpaceAn academic reader on the themes of temporality, location, geography and history in the smash hit BBC series Doctor Who. My essay, “Whose Doctor?” was initially presented at the Cardiff University 2008 Whoniversal Appeal academic confrence and discusses Doctor Who and Canadiana.

Find out more about my essay here.

“The Once And Now-ish King”
Dragon Moon Press, July 2011
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When The Hero Comes HomeWhen the epic battle, the mission, the quest are over, can the hero go home again? Is she too changed to resume where she left off… Is the life he left behind is no longer waiting for him?

In WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME, these questions are addressed in nineteen powerful stories by some of today’s top and up-and-coming fantasy and science fiction writers. The anthology features new fiction by J.M. Frey, Jay Lake, Todd McCaffrey, Julie Kagawa, and an all-new Jig the Goblin story by Jim C. Hines. Nominated for a  2011 Forward Book of the Year Award.







“Maddening Science”
Dragon Moon Press, August 2012
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See what readers are saying about “Maddening Science”.

Heroes can save the world, but villains can CHANGE it. Dragon Moon Press and the editors of the award-nominated WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME invite you to come along with us while we explore villains of all stripes — sons and daughters, lovers and fighters, minions and masterminds. Introducing thirty great science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction stories by bestsellers and award winners, rising stars, and bold new voices. Nominated for a 2012 ForeWord Book of the Year Award.






 FutureCon Publications in support of Epilepsy Toronto
January 2012
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On His Birthday, Reginald Got - CoverOn his 257th birthday, Reginald got stuck in a bank.

Well, yes alright, it was a bank robbery, but you know, it sounded better to say “in a bank.”  Less horrifically embarrassing.

Imagine, someone like Reginald Schilverspün (and he’s heard all the jokes about being born with things his mouth, and yes, they’re all very clever but, you know, after 257 years the joke gets rather tired don’t you think? So he’ll thank you very much for not telling it. Besides, he wasn’t.) Imagine! Reginald getting stuck in the middle of a bank robbery on his birthday.

Really now; only Reginald.




“Tobogganing” & “Water Garden”
Ryerson University Press, Autumn, 2009

Visit Ryerson’s website for more information about purchasing the White Wall Review #32, an annual anthology of poetry and prose by international contributers and Ryerson University students and Alumni. J.M. has two poems in this journal, Water Garden and Tobbogganing.