The Dark Side of the Glass
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J.M. Frey is represented by Laurie McLean of Fuse Literary.

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J.M. is an actor, voice actor, and SF/F author, fanthropologist and pop culture scholar. She’s appeared in podcasts, documentaries, and on television to discuss all things geeky through the lens of academia.

Her debut novel Triptych was nominated for two Lambda Literary Awards(SciFi/Fantasy/Spec Fic & Best Bisexual), nominated for the CBC Bookie Award – Best SciFi/Fantasy/Spec Fic (2011), was named one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2011 – #3 in SciFi/Fantasy/Horror (2011), was on The Advocate’s Best Overlooked Books of (2011) list, recieved an honourable mention at the London Book Festival in Science Fiction (2012) and won the San Francisco Book Festival for Science Fiction (2012).

Other publications include “The Moral of the Story” in Tesseracts 18 (Edge 2015), “The Twenty Seven Club” in Expiry Date (Edge  2014), “Hero is a Four Letter Word” (FastForeword, 2013), “On His Birthday, Reginald Got” (Kindle, 2013), ”Whose Doctor?” in Doctor Who In Time And Space (McFarland Press, 2013), “Maddening Science” in When the Villain Comes Home (Dragon Moon Press, 2012), ”TheOnce and Now-ish King” in When the  Hero Comes Home” (Dragon Moon Press, 2011), and The Dark Side Of The Glass, (Double Dragon  Press, June 2012). J.M. can be found in the documentaries “Leaving Mundania” (2011) and “The Maud Squad” (2011), as Sarah in ”Ext. 5683 (l-o-v-e)”, as various voices in the radio play “The Weight of Information”, and as the voice of Lillian H. Smith on the soundtrack for the musical “A Life in the Library” (2012). Frey’s pie-in-the-sky dream is to one day sing a duet with John Barrowman.

You can follow J.M. on Twitter or visit her website.

There is a longer, more detailed biography here.

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