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Cover Reveal – Arrivals, An Accidental Novella

Arrivals an Accidental Turn Series Novella After seventeen years of adventuring, Bevel Dom and Kintyre Turn are finally returning home. Forsyth Turn—brother to Bevel’s long-time questing partner and newly Paired lover—has left both Hain and a hell of a lot of responsibility behind. He’s bequeathed the Shadow’s Mask and position of the king’s spymaster to

HAPPINESS – an Accidental Short

Merry Christmas, everyone! As a gift, here is the next installment of The Accidental Turn Series: HAPPINESS. This story takes place directly after THE FORGOTTEN TALE. Read it now on Wattpad.

The Maddening Science – New Writing Process Blog

Start from the very beginning with me… So, perhaps I’m a bit of a fool, with the Tumblrpocolypse potentially coming, but I was backing up all my Tumblrs and sideblogs (see the above-mentioned Tumblrpocolypse) and realized that I never really did anything with my sideblog about my short story The Maddening Science. I never got around to

RELEASE DAY – The Skylark’s Song

Strap on your goggles and buckle up your jetpack, THE SKYLARK’S SONG is finally here! A Saskwyan flight mechanic with uncanny luck, seventeen-year-old Robin Arianhod grew up in the shadow of a decade-long war. But the skies are stalked by the Coyote—a ruthless Klonn pilot who picks off crippled airships and retreating soldiers. And as

Cover Reveal – “The Silenced Tale”

Well, it’s finally here! The third and final novel of The Accidental Turn series (but not the final book, oh no).  THE SILENCED TALE hits the shelves on December 12th! But before the book can come out, we have to have a cover! So, without further adieu, here it is! So, to be honest, I think what