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WORDS FOR WRITERS – The Value of National Novel Writing Month

  #NationalAuthorsDay falls on the start of National Novel Writing Month. This is my 16th NaNoWriMo and I want to talk a bit about what this ‘competition’ has meant to me. I have ‘won’ a total of 12 times – that is, I have hit the 50k word mark 12 of those 16 years.  The years

WORDS FOR WRITERS: How Do I Get My Book Onto A Screen?

This is a question I see a lot from new writers – “Yeah, sure, I want to write a book, but everyone knows that the real money is in screen adaptations. How do I get that?” The answer (take it from someone who has had a few close calls) is “not easily.” It can happen,

WORDS FOR WRITERS: How Do I Think Up New Ways To Promote Books?

A fellow author James Bow asks: Where do you get your ideas for promoting your work? * One of the mantras of marketing your novels, especially in genre work, is Know Your Audience. That is, to know who they are. Know their demographics. Know their age. Know their gender, sexuality, average spend on books, and

Words for Writers: Different Ways to Get Over A Block

    Q: Hello there! How about: what are some good tips (read: not commonly stated) that can help overcome writers block?   Jeeze, louise there, Dear Reader. You sure go for the big guns, don’t you! So, okay, here’s the thing. Confession time…. ready for it? I don’t believe in Writer’s Block. I know,