Enchanted Grounds

I have a new announcement – I will be appearing at Enchanted Grounds on Sunday June 20th to read an excerpt from “Triptych” and answer any questions you may have about the book or my writing.

It’s always wierd for me to attend these sorts of things with no book in hand. I could provide the book of poetry that I’m in, or one of the essay books, but those are hard to get in bulk for people to buy, and besides, neither are the book that I’m reading from.

Next year the con circuit will be less awkward because I won’t have to end my talks with “Um, and you can buy this book… in ten months.”

Also – today is the day that my article with the local paper goes out. I am very excited to see what was written! Already the hype machine is starting to chug to life, and it is an interesting and involving process.

JM FreyEnchanted Grounds