Letter to Miss Snark’s First Victim, The Authoress

For those of you who are writers who don’t know of Miss Snark’s First Victim, I would encourage you to go take a stroll through her blog.  Miss Snark’s First Victim is a community where authors can share segments of their completed manuscripts for critique by fellow authors and perhaps catch the eye of a secret literary agent who may be lurking in the bushes.

It’s not a mean or harsh community, as some critique comms can be, but it is honest and fair, so it may not be for everyone.  Only finished manuscripts are welcomed into the contests, and everyone is very mature and blunt, which I have found invaluable.

When “Triptych” was first turned down by Dragon Moon Press, I turned to the Miss Snark community to help fix some of the issues that my editor had pointed out.  After the manuscript was resubmitted and was picked up, I wrote Authoress and the Miss Snark family this thank you letter.

I really do reccomend this community to any author who feels ready to really tackle the craft of editing.

JM FreyLetter to Miss Snark’s First Victim, The Authoress