SPACE LIVE Doctor Who – My Blog Entry

SPACE is putting up blogs and info on each of the panelists for the Live event this Saturday, and here is mine.

(Though, having had a long and insightful conversation wtih Gavin Stephans at Polaris this weekend, this blog entry is now obsolete, because I have changed my mind about Karen Gilliam.

Gavin also pointed out to me that the Doctor is written to be impulsive and young and immature, it’s a plot point, and in considering that I’ve realized that some of the scenes that made me cringe before now make sense. Also? That totally makes the new Dalek design make sense, too – they look like a child’s toys, and he was beating on that first Dalek and talking to it the same way a toddler punishes his action figures in play.)

JM FreySPACE LIVE Doctor Who – My Blog Entry