Secret Project and What I Am Working On

Okay, okay, I can’t ACTUALLY tell you all about a secret project I’m a part of, just that I JUST got the timeline for it and it’s REALLY COOL and I am so humbled and amazed to be included in this and that I am all “WOW” right now.


Also, things are finally starting to settle into a routine in my life so hopefully soon I can start blogging about the WIPs (there are 2) the WNIP (there is 1) and the Edits (there are 2/4 depending on how I slice it… one of the books could mushroom into a trilogy or, the more obvious choice, I think, can be slimmed into one and I save the cool stuff I cut out for an omnibus of short stories).

On that note: The books.

Dsr: Urban Fantasy/ Gentle Horror / AU History – over 900 pages – not entirely ready to start crafting this monster into something I can start shopping. Still wavering about where (if) I cut it up, or if I should make it a trilogy. Honestly, I would be happiest making it a Duology with an anthology of short stories (possibly the kind with some by me and some by other people, because I think all my short stories would only equal about 200 pages!)  Does anyone publish those? Duologies and a thrid book of short stories?

First Impressions: Queer Romance / Historical Romance – I have some preview chapters up over at authonomy, and once the “Triptych” maelstrom has settled I will begin the task of close editing and crafting the manuscript. It’s well into 90 000 words and (how very unlike me!) I think could use some slimming.

The Skylark’s Song: YA Steampunk/ Adventure – Very WIP – only a vauge outline, an idea of where it should end (but not HOW), and about 6000 words.  Looking forward to a time when I’m not running errands every evening after work so I can sit down with a cuppa  and write. This one will definately be my NaNo this year.

Madmen & Blackflies: TV Tie-In/ Action – Slightly less WIPy than Skylark – detailed outline, three chapters written, just waits on time and opportunity.

Donor: Paranormal Romance/ Action – A WNotIP – wanna do this one day, but not yet. It’s still very much just a pitch and a hook.

Ghost of a Chance: Paranormal Romance –  WNIP – might never happen, but it’s still rattling around here and there.

SO – which of these stories would you like me to post 1000 words of?

JM FreySecret Project and What I Am Working On