The Maud Squad and Final Drafts

Well, it looks like I’ve found the trailer for the Maud Squad, a documentary that follows the lives of Anne of Green Gables fans for one year on the 100th anniversity of the publication of the novel.

I was hosting Ryerson University’s Centennary Gala, dressed of course as everyone’s favourite red-head, and was interviewed for the documentary. I’ve been told that I am a part of the documentary, so in celebration I’ve changed the media box on the main page to show the trailer, and also posted it on my Videos page.

And, cause I’m sometimes too lazy to want to click through, too, here it is here:

“The Maud Squad” Trailer from Lisa Lightbourn-Lay on Vimeo.

On another note – I took some extra time this week to really read through what I assume is the final round of edits on my novel. It was a strange and surreal experience, knowing that this would be the last chance I would have to tweak, but also a freeing one, because it was no longer my responsibility to make the book look good. I had done all I could to provide a moving, meaningful narrative with clean, clear prose, and from here on in it’s out of my hands.

It’s funny, but right before she offered me the writing contract, my editor asked me what I would do when the time came that I could no longer play with my prose. I said “Celebrate, sleep, and watch TV. Or maybe work on one of the other three WIPs. Or edit the four novels that are done. You know. Anything but this.”

I do indeed feel like celebrating, and tonight I do plan on breaking into the YA WIP or the TV Tie In WIP, but I also feel strangely wibbly-wobbly inside. Maybe it’s because it’s my first book, or maybe this happens every time.

I took the extra time to do one more massage of the text because it was, in essence, my goodbye to something that has been a part of my life for three years. The book isn’t vanishing, it’s not like I won’t ever see it again, but I won’t ever see it again LIKE THAT, all covered in red and looking at me with an accusatory glance when I’m not working on it in my free time.

Now it will sit on my shelf and smile beatifically from behind it’s glass door and remind me that I achieved one of my personal goals : Publication or a PhD before I turn 30. (The PhD will move to ‘before I turn 45’, I think!)

On to massaging the text of my other four novels, or writing the three WIPs. Or all of the above! It’s nice to know that I can finally step out of the world of “Triptych” aware that it is in the best of hands, and jump feet first into a new world and make a wonderful, horrific splash as I do!

JM FreyThe Maud Squad and Final Drafts