Words for Writers: Why Do I Write Sci-Fi?

I had an interesting question during an interview, and the reporter has agreed that I can share my (rather long winded) answer here. As I said to him before, it’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot, and I have thought about the answer a lot, so it’s wonderful that he’s allowed me to share this answer in advance of the article being published.

It was recently noted to me that sci-fi seems like a strange topic for a young woman to want to write about. If was asked what got me interested in sci-fi and, if I wanted to write, why I didn’t write things like National Velvet or a book about the human condition, instead?

For the answer, check out the blog of Gabrielle Harbowy, my editor on Triptych, who wanted to post it.


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JM FreyWords for Writers: Why Do I Write Sci-Fi?