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Do you participate in Leah Petersen’s 5 Minute Fiction contests every Tuesday? If so, make sure to swing by here on MARCH 29th. I will be hosting a round of the contest right here, on this very blog!

I’m super excited to be participating, and I can’t WAIT to read what everyone is going to create. I need to find a really cool, really weird picture to use as a prompt.

I think I have my “Life in Japan” photo album around here somewhere….

*goes rummaging*

Meanwhile, here are all the blog tour hosts, from Leah’s blog:

UPDATE! Mean ‘ol real life has made poor Robert James Russell, @robhollywood unavaliable for his tour date, after all. But the great JM Frey, @scifrey has stepped up to the plate.

March 8: Claire LeGrand, @clairelegrand

March 15: Monica Bustamante Wagner, @Monica_BW

March 22: Richard Wood, @rbwood

March 29: JM Frey, @scifrey

April 5: Sam Adamson, @FutureNostalgic

 I’m excited about 5MinuteFiction having a chance to learn from each of these great writers. And I know everyone else will too. We’ve got two newly agented authors, Claire with Diana Fox and Monica with Michelle Wolfson. JMFrey’s a sci-fi author and her debut novel, Triptych, will be available April 9.  Richard‘s the host of The Word Count podcast, and Sam‘s one of the authors involved in the collaborative writing project, The Splintered Lands.

JM FreyFive Minute Fiction

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