Japan Benefit – JETAA Toronto Silent Auction

In July of 2005, I traveled with 80 other Canadians from Toronto’s Pearson Airport to Tokyo Narita Airport – the first steps of a two year journey of discovery, self-growth, and inspiration. 

Participating in the JET Programme (Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme) was an uplifing and important part of my life. I wrote the novella that eventually became TRIPTYCH while in Japan.  I wrote a trilogy that I am currently shopping while in Japan. I wrote an award winning short story while in Japan. I had an accident and learned to walk again in Japan. I grew up, grew into myself, and grew into a better person because of Japan.

The devistation in the Sendai region, the peril that it’s people still face, and the destruction of so many lives has hit me in a very personal, painful way.

Thus, I invite you to attend the JET Alumni Association’s Japan Benefit Party on April 1st, 2011.

Silent Auction also includes the very last copy of my ARC for Triptych, which I will personally sign for the winner on the spot.

Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto (Yonge and Dundas Square)
Entry: $20
When: April 1st, 8pm

JM FreyJapan Benefit – JETAA Toronto Silent Auction