Make Triptych #1 on Amazon Day! APRIL 11!

Art by Charles Bernard
THOSE OF YOU PLANNING TO BUY TRIPTYCH VIA AMAZON (either trade paperback or ebook) – please do so on APRIL 11TH!

That’s right! I am asking all of you to patiently wait two whole days and order your book all at the same time.


Online shops – Amazon, Indigo, and Barns & Noble – each have an algorithm that shows casual browsers on the site what the most popular purchases of the day are. The more times a book is purchased in a specific period, the higher up the “most popular for the day” rating they get, and therefore the more eyeballs the book is exposed to.

I am asking those of you who are planning to buy TRIPTYCH online, either the Trade Paperback or the eBook, to please buy it on APRIL 11th. Even if you already have a copy of the book, think about splashing out for the eBook (less than $10!). Or buy extra hardcopies to give away as gifts this year!

If possible, buying it from Amazon (.com, .ca, and/or would be best, but I understand some of you might have brand loyalty elsewhere.

Help a new author out and join in! Spread the word!

Let’s cause a media sensation! Let’s show the world the power of social media and consumer choice!

Let’s make TRIPTYCH #1 on Amazon April 11th!

Read reviews of TRIPTYCH here:

JM FreyMake Triptych #1 on Amazon Day! APRIL 11!

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