Make Triptych #1 on Amazon Day was a success! Almost!

Good morning, everyone!

As of 10:30am on April 12, Triptych is ranked #2 on in the sci fi list, and #119 overall!

Way to go, guys! We didn’t quite make it to #1, but considering I was #48 in sci fi and #5 200-ish overall this time yesterday, I think we did a darn good job!

I cannot thank you enough for your support and your kindness in helping me achieve this milestone!

I hope you all enjoy the book, and encourage you to drop by Amazon or GoodReads when you finish and post a wee bit of a review.

Triptych sitting pretty in the #2 spot in scifi on April 12, 2011


Rankings listing for Triptych on on April 12, 2011

JM FreyMake Triptych #1 on Amazon Day was a success! Almost!

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  • Leah Petersen - April 12, 2011

    WOOT! I was hoping you’d update us. Congrats!

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