Triptych FANART Contest!

Today I am announcing a Triptych FanArt Contest!

Yes, you read that right! 

The Contest:

Create a piece of art based on my novel “Triptych”. It can be any kind of art – traditional, digital, a crossover, a comic, a cosplay, a puppet, something painted or knit or built, worn or hung or anything else!

You have the month of May to create and upload the art to the Triptych community on DeviantArt, after which I will pick my favourite 10 pieces, and the community will vote on the winner from those 10 pieces. The winners will be sent something from me as a prize. I would tell you what the prize is, but my publisher won’t let me, yet. Trust me, it will be cool, though!

The Rules:

There are TWO categories in the community Gallery – 3-D (Cosplay, Textile, etc.)  and 2-D (digital art, fan art, comics, traditional art, photography, etc.) . Art must be entered into one or the other in the community.

Art must be an original work by the artist uploading it, and influenced in some part by “Triptych” by J.M. Frey.


The Time Line:

Artists have from May 1st 2011 to May 31st 2011 to upload their art to the TriptychFanArt group on DeviantArt, in one of the two categories.

Between June 1st and June 10th, I will look at all the entrants and choose my FIVE favourite pieces from each category and set up a poll on my blog.

From June 10th to June 30th, the community will VOTE for each of the pieces via the poll.

The winner of each category will be sent something REALLY AWESOME. I haven’t got the clearance to tell you want it is, YET, but I can promise it is something to do with my next publication and it’s amazing.

So in summary –

Step 1) Read “Triptych”.
Step 2) Make art based on “Triptych”.
Step 3) Between May 1st and 31st, upload said art to the “TriptychFanArt” group on Deviant art in either the 2D or 3D category.
Step 4) Admire everyone’s art!
Step 5) Between June 1st and 10th, wait in breathless anticipation as I choose my 5 faves from each category.
Step 6) Head over to my blog to vote for the your favourite in each category between June 10th and June 30th.
Step 7) Read the announcement of the winners in July!
Step 8) Winners send me their mailing addresses so I can send the  REALLY COOL PRIZE I AM NOT ALLOWED TO ANNOUNCE YET.

(Please be aware that for legal reasons, I cannot read any fanfiction posted to this contest. This is an ART-only contest and poetry, prose, or fanfiction based on my work will not be considered a qualifying submission, and will be deleted. However, this does not constitute a complete ban on fanfiction based on my work. Go ahead and write it and post it elsewhere – I just can’t read it.)

JM FreyTriptych FANART Contest!