Slave Lake Book Auction: An Open Letter To Authors

Dear fellow authors;

 I’m sure you’ve all heard about the tragedy of the town of Slave Lake. The fire has burnt down not only many of the homes, but the library as well.

In times of turmoil, libraries become even more important. People need to escape, to dream, to imagine – books can give them that, but only if there are books available to read.

 The Peace Library system is requesting books to repopulate the shelves, which will be living in a temporary library for the displaced citizens until the new library can be built.

For information and a mailing address, please visit:

Also, the selfless Collen McKie, a book blogger, is organizing a charity auction of books and writerly services (critiques, etc.). She is also asking for donations. This is a chance to help out a worthy cause, and support fledgling writers.  You can find more info here:

Please tell all the other authors you may know, and please show Slave Lake that our hearts, and our books, are with them.

JM FreySlave Lake Book Auction: An Open Letter To Authors