I don’t have much of a Polaris round up to do – it was all marvellous, and I had a really wonderful time hanging out with Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Kelley Armstrong, Julie Czerneda, and Violette Malan at the Meet the Pros (their accumulative ‘cool’ and ‘classy’ is refreshing and awe-inspiring); I met some other great people at the parties and sang my little geeky heart out with my friends at Klingon Karaoke; was pleased to be on three very thinky, very informative panels about Fanfiction, Cosplay, and other sorts of fancrafting; I ran into my thesis advisor very briefly (wish we’d had time for a real coffee and chat!); and I had a hoot presenting at the Constellation Awards.

The “When the Hero Comes Home” book launch went off without a hitch. I am still amazed that Nadine, who was following me with a camera all weekend, was able to keep up with me, fetch tea, stick to her shot list, cast her series via iPhone, and somehow still have a good time!  (I cannot WAIT to share her creation with you!)

Two funny things happened at the con that I want to memorialize so I never forget how awesome and happy they made me feel…. first, I was mentioned in the Constellation Awards opening song:


And secondly, I spoke at length with a young man who was gushing about my work. And then he realized that I was not, in fact, Kelly Armstrong. He was mortified and I laughed so hard; mostly, cause I can totally see how someone could mistake us for one another. We have the same hair!


JM FreyPolaris!