The Over The Rainbow Project – Today I am Floxnerppy.

I am absolutely thrilled to hear that the American Library Association’s Over The Rainbow Project has listed “Triptych” as one of it’s nominations for the 2012 Reading List.

You hear it all the time on the Oscars, but it really is flattering just to be nominated, and to hear that such an amazing and infulential group has even heard of Triptych is so staggeringly awesome that I think I might have to start to make up words, Shakespeare-like to describe how I feel.

Floored+excited+honoured+wildly happy+touched that my book is even worthy of that list = Floxnerppy?

Yes. I am totally Floxnerppy right now.

A title gets nominated when at least one juror from Over The Rainbow has read it and recommends that it be considered for next year’s reading list – the final list becomes the next year’s reccomended reading, as compiled by the incredible American Library Association’s Over the Rainbow Project.

So, a very honest, very heartfelt thank you the ALA and the OTR participants for even considering “Triptych” for inclusion on next year’s reading list.

Also, the nomination period for the Stonewall Awards is upon us. I would obviously be thrilled to see “Triptych” nominated, and will be very thankful if someone is willing to do so. Here is some info on the awards from from the site:

Anyone may suggest a title to members of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee for consideration of nomination for a Stonewall Book Award. However, recommendations for nomination will not be accepted from the publisher of a proposed book, agents or representatives of the author, or anyone else who may stand to gain directly from the nomination of the book. Members of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee may not nominate a book that they have contributed to, edited, or in any other way been affiliated with, or a book authored or edited by a member of their immediate family or anyone with whom they currently share a household.

A short statement describing why the book is being recommended for nomination should accompany the request, which must be submitted to the Stonewall Book Awards Committee. Requests will be accepted by e-mail only and must be sent by the deadline date of October 31.

 Nominations may be sent to any Stonewall Book Awards committee member listed on the GLBTRT Contacts page. (

JM FreyThe Over The Rainbow Project – Today I am Floxnerppy.