Announcement – “The Dark Side of the Glass” picked up by Double Dragon Publishing!

Great news, guys!

I am thrilled to be able to announce that my novella “The Dark Side of the Glass” has been picked up for publication by Double Dragon Publishing.  It is slated for eBook release in JUNE 2012, with a possibility of papaerback publication following after.


This is a story about Mary, who loves her fandom, she really does, even when it becomes all too terrifyingly real.

Mary is a lowly Production Assistant on the hottest cult vampire detective TV show, “City By Night”.  Her boss thinks she’s a loser for actually liking the show, the stars treat her like she’s invisible, and her coworkers mock her behind her back. And then Mary has an accident with the Craft Services truck, sending her hurtling into the world of the show.

Now Mary must somehow find a way home. She is in danger of becoming the hero’s love interest, and attracting the attention of his psychopathic dark stalker, Antonio. And the girls Antonio gets in his sights? There’s a reason they call it them the ’girl-of-the-week’…

Read the first section for free!

As ever, a big thank you goes to my agent, Evan Gregory, for his hard work with this sale.

JM FreyAnnouncement – “The Dark Side of the Glass” picked up by Double Dragon Publishing!