SF Contario 2011 Sched

Here is my appearance sched for SF Contario 2011, November 18-20th. See you there!


Non-traditional relationships in Science Fiction and Fantasy –Sat 10 AM Solarium
How are alternative relationships depicted in SF/F? How can we create a more inclusive community for fans and writers who identify as GLTBQ? Is the genre of Urban Fantasy particularly well-suited for exploring these identities? (Kathryn Allan, JM Frey, Susan MacDonald, Adam Shaftoe)
Cockpit; Rules of Engagement – Film Screening – Sat. 12 PM, Ballroom BC

Sat. 1:00 PM JM Frey & Adrienne Kress
On the bridge between the two buildings.  Copies of my novels can be purchased at the BAKKA PHOENIX table. I might also have some at the autograph table, possibly.

Short Story Reading Hour – Sat. 3 PM, Gardenview
Authors will read all or most of a short story (might be new and never before published!) and there will be discussion on the medium.
(JM Frey, Adrienne Kress, Hayden Trenholm)
The Role of the Companion (M) – Sat 9 PM Gardenview
Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement is an award winning indie short film written and directed by Jesse Griffith. Starring Ronny Cox (Deliverance, Robocop, Total Recall) Hellena Taylor (Bavonetta, Saboteur, Stargate Atlantis) and Karl Champley (Wasted Spaces, DIY to the Rescue) the film made its debut at Comicon as a proof of concept for a feature length screenplay. Both stories are set on the front lines of a war against an enemy that uses mind control and subversion to turn humanity against itself. After a premiere Canadian screening, this panel will explore the themes and motifs of the film as well as discussing the challenges of fast-paced story telling within the confines of a cerebral space opera format. (Adam Shaftoe, J M Frey, Matt Moore)

Aurora Award Ceremony – Sun. 12 PM Shade Restaurant
Presenting award for Best Artist

JM FreySF Contario 2011 Sched