At FutureCon last January, I bid on and won a Heroizing in a charity auction.  HEROized is a company that will create a superhero out of you. Read more about it here.

I had an absolutely positive and wonderful experience with the team from HEROized, and I am pleased to introduce my super hero secret identity!


Origin Story:

On a seemingly normal, snowy night in Toronto, J.M Frey was taking a break from her writing to watch her favorite television program. She sat curled on her couch with a cuppa and the remote control, playing with the ends of her thick scarf, her eyes tuned into the T.V. Just as the blue police box faded into view, there was a loud knock on her front door.


With a grumble, J.M. moved to the door to answer the obnoxious knocking. She swung the door open to reveal her ill-timed guest, but was greeted only with the chill of the night. Not a soul was in sight, only a package wrapped in brown paper and tied with string sat on her welcome mat.


Curious, J.M. picked up the box and brought it inside. Printed clearly on the front was her name and address but no postage markings whatsoever.


J.M. pushed her unfinished manuscripts and hand written notes aside on her desk and placed the box in the cleared space. Carefully she opened it, lifting the lid as if something might jump out and bite her.

A faint glittering light seeped from the box and J.M. peered deeper inside. The light was coming from the pages of a worn, leather bound journal.

Instinctively, J.M. knew what she had in her possession. It was as if she had lived this moment before, perhaps in a dream or maybe in another life. She took the journal from the box and opened it. On the inside cover, written in her own handwriting was the name, The Quill. She picked up a pen and began writing.


Things started to change instantly. Her house was suddenly spotless as if she had been cleaning all day. Three plane tickets appeared on her desk, their destination the final three continents she longed to step foot on. The Doctor was lounging on her couch. Every idea she wrote became reality.


J.M. knew with ever fibre of her being that she had the power to change the world with a stroke of her pen. She had done it before and it was time for her to work her magic once again.


Using these new-found gifts J.M. created the new identity of The Quill. With no limits to what she could create, she created a space travelling star ship able to travel to any time or dimension. Inspired by steampunk technology she has built an arsenal of Victorian themed high-tech gadgets. Wherever she goes she experiences strange new worlds and exciting adventures, using her gifts to help those in need. And always making it home in time to catch her favorite sci-fi TV show and a nice cup of tea.


JM FreyHEROIZED: The Quill