Name a ship in my next book!

I am utter rubbish at naming things in my worlds. So, to celebrate all the awards announcements lately and to make sure the names in my next book don’t suck too horribly: A CONTEST!

In the comment area over here, give me your best idea for a poncy, stuffy, rigorously captained Navy Ship, circa 1890-1910.

You have until Friday May 11th to make your suggestions, and then we will vote on our favourites. The poll will close on May 14th, in the morning.

The winning name will appear in my next steampunk novel, and the person who suggested it will be named in the Thank Yous.



JM FreyName a ship in my next book!

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  • Jan - May 9, 2012

    The imaginary word ‘Prufrow’ came to me … prue as in true, frow as in brow. And you’d probably want to add some initials to come before it, like the J.M. Prufrow. This might be too close to J.Alfred Prufrock … no worries then. 🙂

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