The Dark Side of the Glass is at the printers!

Design and art by Deron Douglas


They are literally, right now, printing copies of my next novel. How exciting is that!?

I’ve spoken to some people who’ve read the ARCs and they have lovely praise. If you’ve read the book and want to write a little mini review, please do! Reviews are a writer’s gold.

One of the most difficult, fantastic, wonderful and heartbreaking moments in writing is when your manuscript is completely out of your reach. Today “The Dark Side of the Glass” was locked and sent to the printers. No changes, no edits, no little fiddles or fixes. That’s it. My baby’s all grown up and on it’s way into the real world.

Best of luck, little book. Make me proud.

JM FreyThe Dark Side of the Glass is at the printers!


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  • Jan - May 11, 2012

    I will keep my eye open looking out for an ARC copy that I can read. Baring that, is this going to be another print on demand book? Hmmmm.

  • JM Frey - May 13, 2012

    Hi Jan;

    TDSOTG will be distributed through Lightning Source, which means it will be available in print from pretty much every major online retailer. As it’s a novella, I doubt any bookstores will carry it, however.

    It will also be available as an ebook pretty much everywhere that sells ebooks, but will especially be available at my publisher’s website: Double Dragon Publishing.

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