TABLE OF CONTENTS – “Doctor Who In Time And Space”

Omigod. Omigod. It’s taken forever (which is an irony when you think about the fact that this is a text book about a television show about a man who time travels), but I can finally announce the Table of Contents for theDoctor Whotext book I am in:

Image from Doctor Who


To be published by McFarland Publishing in 2013. (Date TBA)

An academic reader about “Doctor Who” and locationality, nationality, geography, history, personhood, and place.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Gillian I Leitch

“Event TV” Fan Consumption of Televised Doctor Who in Britain (1963 – Present)-Andrew O’Day

“Social Spaces” British Doctor Who Fandom to the Present – Andrew O’Day

Don’t Call it a Comeback – Aaron Guylas

Whose Doctor? – JM Frey
It’s me! It’s an essay about the secret-ish Canadian genesis of Doctor Who.

In and Out of Time: Memory and Chronology of Doctor Who – Kieran Tranter

Effecting the Cause: Time Travel Narratives and Doctor Who – Paul Booth

Narrative Conflict and the Portrayal of Media, Public Relations and Marketing in the New Doctor Who – Racheline Maltese

Nostalgia for Empire in Doctor Who (1963-74) – Maura K Grady and Cassie Hemstrom

A Needle Through the Heart: Violence as a Narrative Device in Doctor Who – Lindsay Coleman

Everything Dies: The Message of Mortality in the Eccleston and Tennant Years – Kristine Larsen

“Ready to Outsit Eternity:” Human Responses to the Apocalypse in Doctor Who – Andrew Crome

A Country Made from Metal? The Britishness of Human-Machine Marriage in Series 31 of Doctor Who – Kate Flynn

“Whatever you do, Don’t Blink!:” Gothic Horror and the Weeping Angels Trilogy – David Whitt

Doctor Who’s Women and His Little Blue Box: The Use of Time Travel as a Heroic Journey of Self-Discovery for Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble – Antoinette Winstead

Spoiled for Another Life: Sarah Jane Smith’s Adventures With and Without Doctor Who – Sherry Ginn

Chasing Amy: The Evolution of the Doctor’s Female Companion in the New Who – Lynette Porter

JM FreyTABLE OF CONTENTS – “Doctor Who In Time And Space”