NaNoWriMo – What now?

Today I am short story writing (which for me involves a lot of tea, getting up and walking around, running errands while I formulate dialogue in my head, and having onesided conversations with my chalkboard). This is very different from novel writing, because with novels I know I have a stretch of a few scenes that have to take me from point f to point h today, keeping in mind that I know what point z is going to have to be in a few weeks, so I can sit down and just be in front of the keyboard for a few hours. (Okay, I still get up for tea).

So what I’m saying is that I’m quite analytical when I write short stories and I construct them more like, say, carefully balanced lego towers rather than full-scale Warhammer countryside tabletops. Which means I get THINKY.  Thinky about stories and story telling and character and… writer stuff!

Which means I just remembered that NaNoWriMo is around the corner and that this will be my 10th anniversary this year. (I only failed to win 3 times – twice I was writing two different thesis papers, and last year I was in the hospital with a pretty scary medical emergency; so, I think those are fair fails!) I plan on doing NaNo for another 10 years. And then 10 more after that.

I cannot overstate enough how much I love this literary event. I have my standard Advice for NaNo blog post up, but I wanted to invite you, my friends, to join me this year.

So, come friend me on NaNo. Talk to me about why you love NaNo. Or Hate it. Or fear it. And I’m opening up my askbox to people who have questions about what NaNo is and why I endorse it so much.

Any questions?

JM FreyNaNoWriMo – What now?