FutureCon 2012-2013 Schedule!

A little close to the wire, but here it is, my appearance schedule for FutureCon 2012-2013. You can read about everything there is to do here.

Saturday December 29, 2012
8pm on – FutureCon Coffee House – I will be reading from my BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN novel.

Sunday December 30, 2012 
7pm – Opening Ceremonies
8pm – midnight – Carnival Geektastique – Advice on writing (and anything else) from JM Frey — Futurecon’s version of that classic booth from Charlie Brown.  The Doctor is in! Advice is free, but if you’d like to donate 5 cents to Epilepsy Toronto, as per the old Charlie Brown schtick, that would be awesome. (Someone bring me a Walking Taco from the Ad Astra party and I will love you forever.)
Midnightish – Antigiant Karaoke – Like I wasn’t going to go to Karaoke! Ha!

Monday December 31, 2012
10 am –
I’d like to say that I’ll be at the Cartoon Morning breakfast, but I won’t lie. I like sleeping in. A lot.
 INSTANT PLAY BY JM FREY (And Four Companions) – Casting: 530pm; Performance: 6pm – Consider yourself an actor?  Want to eat first at the buffet?!  This is your chance to prove your chops!  And don’t worry, we’ll save your seats for dinner!  As the dining room fills, four instant Futurecon stars will be whisked away to rehearse a completely original five minute play by acclaimed author JM Frey about the Disney acquisition of Marvel Comics.  Before the meal begins, these new celebrities will perform for your enjoyment, then they go eat!  Then we all eat!  Mmmm… eating…
6PM – 10PM – THE BEHEMOTH BUFFET (Melville) –  You will definitely never have had a formal dining experience like this one.  Featuring Nerds With Guitars and a special presentation of a one-act play by JM Frey!
8PM – 1AM – WORLD’S NOISIEST SILENT AUCTION (Beaufort East) – The central fundraising effort of our party is back! I have donated something SEKRIT and AWESOME. Please be generous in support of Epilepsy Toronto. I am also bringing just  ONE COPY of the first two chapters of my BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN novel for the auction. So save up.

Tuesday January 1, 2013
11AM – 1PM –

Also, there is a TENTATIVE PLAN for Red Moon Creations to be hosting a WINE PARTY. I will, of course, be there. Come to the party, buy one of their fantastic etched geeky wine glasses, and get free wine in said glass. DATE AND TIME PENDING. (Also, whether or not the wine sucks. They’re opening a bottle soon to figure out if what they bottled is good enough for you discerning geeks!)

Also also, please don’t forget that FutureCon is a Relax-a-con, which means there’s very little formal-ness about things. What does that mean? That means, if you want to have a chat with me, please do so. If you want to buy me a tea and bend my ear, please do. If you want an autograph, just ask. I am a very easy-going gal and this is a very easy-going con.

See you there!

JM FreyFutureCon 2012-2013 Schedule!