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So KeyCon 30 is right around the corner!  I try not to get too excited about things in advance – just make the plans and let them simmer – and now I finally have the time to get all twitterpated about the convention. (ZOMG, so much filming and writing to do last month, and even more this month!)

This is the first con that I’ve done outside of Ontario, and the first where I’ve been a Guest of Honour. I’m quite excited about both prospects! (This will also be my first foray outside of my own province since I was in jr. high)

And look at all these fine swells I get to spend time with:

I’ve been assured that there will be copies of my books (possibly all of them?) for sale in the dealer’s room, and that makes me really pleased too; means if you like what you hear, you can grab a copy.

I cannot stress enough how fantastic everyone has been. I have never worked with so professional a ConComm, and I’ve never had so smooth an experience getting prepped. I haven’t even been there yet and already I know it’s going to be quick, easy, and wonderful. (As long as I can keep from fangirling all over Lar.)

J.M. Frey – Schedule
KeyCon 2013





7pm-9pm Opening Ceremonies/ Ice Cream   Social Ambassador A on 11 (Provincial)  
9pm Lovecraft in the Modern Age Ambassador A on 11 (Provincial) Panelists: Silvia Moreno-Garcia,   Lee Moyer, J. M. Frey, and GMB Chomichuk.
11am An Hour with J. M. Frey Ambassador B on 11 (Manitoba)  Moderator: Levi LabellePanelist: J. M. FreyDescription: Our Author Guest of   Honor will answer your questions.
1pm Autograph Session Terrace East on 13 Panelists: Leia Getty, Graeme   Brown, Ronald Hore, Clare Marshal, Samantha Beiko, J. M. Frey, Silvia   Moreno-Garcia, Steven Barnes.
2pm Blue Pencil Sessions Executive Boardroom on 13 Moderator: Gerald Brandt will be   patrolling the door and monitoring times.Panelists: Silvia Moreno-Garcia,   J. M. FreyBudding authors are asked to   bring the first 2 – 3 pages of their writing for you to critique. You will   have 10 minutes with each author.
5pm Social Justice: Images of Women   in Fandom Ambassador C The moderator requested JM based upon   her feminist research as well as an author on the panel would be good and we   currently have, the moderator Tricia, GMB Chomichuk as an artist and   Cassondra Felton-Tufty as a women in Fandom.”
6pm-8pm Masquerade Judging Ambassador A on 11 (Provincial Judging   the costume contest
00:00 (Midnight) Polyamory   in Science Fiction, Fantasy & Dr. Who Ambassador   B on 11 (Manitoba) Panelists: J. M. Frey AND
4pm Closing Ceremonies Ambassador A on 11 (Provincial)  


JM FreyKeyCon 2013