A Reader Liveblogs Triptych & Draws Fan Art!

Two days ago, I noticed there was a bit more activity on some of my usual Tumblr tags than normal. That was when I found out that an artist named Tay was liveblogging her experience reading Triptych. She had also left me a lovely note on my DeviantArt profile letting me know that she was enjoying the book.

I set up an alert so I could follow along, and I’m so happy I did. Going on the emotional journey with her again, remembering the moments of the book she was reading and flailing/laughing/crying/hating me a little bit over was a very sweeping, compelling, powerful experience.

I am moved. Thank you for sharing this, Tay, and thank you for reminding me why I write.

I am posting this now with her permission. The full slideshow of her notes is here.


She also drew some fan art!

Part 1 (Cake and drunken kisses!) | Part 2 (Cute!Kalp)

JM FreyA Reader Liveblogs Triptych & Draws Fan Art!