Interview: J.M. Frey on Fire Through Spirit

Want to hear me talk about using science fiction and fantasy to make our lived reality a better place?

Sure you do!

My interview with Corbie Mitleid of Fire Through Spirit is airing on Thurs July 3, 8pm EST , and will be available live-streamed at

Afterword, it will be available on the show’s archive as a podcast, on, on Stitcher, and iTunes!

Topics covered are:

-Why you can and should read YA, no matter your own age.

-Why cosplay is important in terms of community building, skill building, and helping people discover thier own truths.

-How reading SF/F makes you more open to other cultures and worlds

-How I am a big geeky dork, and how hot Wil Wheaton is.

-Also, I may or may not have given a hint about my next project announcement at the end…

JM FreyInterview: J.M. Frey on Fire Through Spirit