Colour by Adrienne Kress

Colour by Adrienne Kress

It’s colouring time!!

Enjoyed The Dark Lord and the Seamstress? Love the fantastic, emotive, wonderful art of Jennifer Vendrig? Want a FREE copy of The Dark Lord And The Seamstress signed by J.M. Frey?

All you have to do is colour!

How The Contest Works:

1)There are three age ranges: 0-7, 8-15, 16+. We will mail out three physical books, signed by J.M. Frey, to the three winners.

2) HERE are eight of the twenty four illustrations that make up the book for you to colour! Pick one, and right click to save, or download, or print! (These are PNG. If you want the TIFF files, contact me and I’ll send them along)

3) Colour one of the pictures. It can be any way you like, in any medium you like. Be creative! (After all, the Dark Lord is a horrendous dresser).

4) Post the picture on Tumblr and tag it #tDLatS and indicate your age range. If you don’t have a Tumblr, post it to another site and inform me that it’s up and I will add it to the Tumblr album.

5) You will have until HALLOWEEN (October 31 at The Witching Hour) to post your picture with the tag and age information.

6) J.M. Frey AND Jennifer Vendrig will be choosing the THREE winners to receive signed copies of the book.


Q: Will you be picking the BEST pictures?
A: Nope, I will be picking the ones we like the most! That doesn’t necessarily mean the most elaborate, or the most professional, or the neatest. We’re looking for fun, for passion, for energy!

Q: Can kids enter?
A: Absolutely! Make sure you indicate your child’s age range when you post the picture. If you’re a kid, make sure you ask your parent’s permission to post, first.

Q:What if I feel like redrawing the whole piece in my own style?
A: We will love you forever, and totally consider it for the contest. That would be super cool, yo.

Q: Are there any limits to what I can do with the piece?
A: Well, it IS a kid’s book, so keep it PG. Otherwise… no?


Want ideas for how everything should look? Here’s the full text of the poem, over on Wattpad.