tDLatS – Now up on Goodreads!

Hello, everyone! Wow, two updates in one day!

(It's a little blurry because it's a screenshot. I promise it will look better.)
(It’s a little blurry because it’s a screenshot. I promise it will look better.)

Firstly, you see above the first look at the final cover of the book! It’s just a screenshot, so it’s not as clear as it will be in print.

Secondly, every one has now been paid, and the book is currently being processed by the publisher!

Thirdly, I will be sending the email addresses of those of you who requested interior art or sketches from Jennifer Vendrig to Jenn this afternoon. If you don’t hear from Jenn in the next few days, let me know.

Fourthly, as promised, there will be an announcement video for my next novel. The release date for the video and the free first chapter looks like it will fall mid-November. Trust me, it’ll be cool.

And, lastly, some really great news for users of Goodreads: the book’s listing has gone live! Click here and add THE DARK LORD AND THE SEAMSTRESS to your “Want To Read” shelf! Not on Goodreads? You can sign up here.

Much thanks, again, for your awesome support. Feel free to splash this all over social media!


JM FreytDLatS – Now up on Goodreads!