Things To Love Tuesdays

Things to Love Tuesday

I spend so much time talking about my own projects on the Internet that sometimes even I get exhausted. So, I’m implementing THINGS TO LOVE TUESDAYS, where I will highlight other people’s projects and awesomeness!

First up:


When I finish the first draft of a manuscript, I buy myself a little treat for getting through it sane and mostly intact. When I finished the #BathTimeNovel, I thought that this skirt would be an appropriate present for myself!


  • Nice subtle colours which make it very easy to pair with pretty much any colour top you like.
  • Did I mention pockets?
  • Elastic waistband is thick and sturdy, so it doesn’t roll or dig, and looks like a belt. I’ve found you can easily pin a brooch to it as well, to dress it up.
  • Could be ironed but doesn’t really need to be if you line-dry it.
  • P-O-C-K-E-T-S
  • The seller was courteous, quick, and professional.
  • …pockets
  • The quality of the sewing is top-notch. This is a well made garment.
  • It is cute as all get out, and I totally plan to wear it to the #BathTimeNovel book launch whenever that happens.


  • I gave the wrong waist measurement, so it was a bit too big. Luckily, it was easy to tack the elastic waistband smaller.
  • The washing instructions are a bit fiddly – you have to hand wash, line dry, and iron inside out to maintain the print.
  • No lining.(But it’s not a very staticy material, so that’s good. I’ve found my tucked-in shirt-tails are sufficient to hide underwear lines)
  • The material is only printed in one size, so there’s no way to request a longer skirt.

Like what you see? Head on over to Go Follow Rabbits and pick up a geek-inspired skirt of your very own!

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