War of the Worlds!

Here are some shots of this weekend’s stage production. Photos by Bill Longshaw.

My dress was two sizes too small, and my back/knee/hip hated me for every second I was in those heels; but I was very pleased with my performance and was overwhelmed emotionally to be back on the stage after a year of physio and exercises. It was the first time in seventeen years that I had performed on the stage of The Theater on the Grand in Fergus. The last time I was on that stage, I was Curio in Twelveth Night, and I wiped out down the greenroom stairs. 😀

And this post comes with a bonus #inktober sketch by Lar De Souza, who came out on Saturday night to enjoy the show:

The radio-play version of our performance will be airing on 92.9 The Grand at 7pm EST on Halloween night.

Tune in here to catch the livestream over the intertubes.


JM FreyWar of the Worlds!