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Merry Christmas!

Cover by Adrienne Kress

Cover by Adrienne Kress

For you see, after arriving at FantaCon28, after being mistaken for a cosplay of myself, after literally meeting my maker and telling my untold tale, after the Artist’s Alley and the woman who mistook costumes for consent, your Da could not help but be intensely interested in fan culture.

You shall grow up a geek, sweeting, and for that I am pleased, but you must understand that there is nothing, absolutely nothing like this back in the Kingdom of Hain.

Well, there is the Sowing Celebration, but that’s more about inversion, and celebration, and pushing Brother Sun back into orbit by tempting Sister Moon into sleeping later and later in the bed of Harvest than it is about actually pretending to be the Great Constellations. And besides, that really is more of a Fey holiday than a human one.

The point is, my  sweeting, that for all that meeting Elgar Reed left a faintly bitter taste behind my teeth, I adored the rest of my weekend in Toronto. The crowds were overwhelming, true; I needed to retreat to a rest area often. Your mother calls it social anxiety, dearest, and we both hope that you do not inherit that particular Turnish trait. I had never felt so observed before in my life. Your Da is very used to being either masked and Shadow-Cloaked or totally ignored. But beyond the discomfort of being in such a large crowd, I had . . . well, I had rather a lot of fun, didn’t I?


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