I am now on PATREON!

I am now on PATREON.  

 What Is It? Patreon is a website that helps lovers of art support artists. You can pledge to donate a chunk of change as a one-off, or on an ongoing monthly basis, in exchange for backer rewards. You can choose any level of donation that you prefer, from $1 all the way up to $30,000 (a girl can dream, can’t she?)

 My Goal? Paying off my student debts so I can focus full time on writing more novels and screenplays for you lovely, wonderful readers. (Also, you know, help doing things like paying rent, buying groceries and things).

 Why Patreon? Because in the world of indie novels and film-making, the money only comes after the book is published and the film is made (assuming it comes in at all). So there’s no financial support for the writer during the long process of actually creating the works.

 Are You Offering Donor-Only Content? Donors will have early access to stories, scripts, and films.

 Great! I’m in! How do I check it out? Go here!

JM FreyI am now on PATREON!