Aurora Award Nominations Are Now Open


Good morning, my nerdlings! The Aurora Awards are now open for nominations. The Aurora’s are the Canadian Prize for excellence in SF/F, and the nominations must come from Canadian fans and readers. Historically, a work must be nominated over five times for it to be considered by the jury for the shortlist.

If you are Canadian, and have $10 to join the CSFFA, you are eligible to nominate and, once the short list is posted, to receive FREE BOOKS and stories and VOTE. (Yes, that’s right. They give you FREE BOOKS and STORIES to read)

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  • Firstly, join the CSFFA for $10.  I know, I’m asking you to spend money. BUT, for that $10 you get to nominate AND vote! Which means you get the Voter’s Package (over ten novels, short stories, graphic novels, essays, scripts, and poems) FOR FREE. That’s a buck a novel and then some.
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If you enjoyed my work this past year and would like to nominate it, here is the information on what is eligible:

Best Novel:

Best Short Fiction

Best Related Work

Best Graphic Novel

Best Fan Related Work

  • To A Stranger  Losyark  Archive of Our Own  December 20th, 2015
JM FreyAurora Award Nominations Are Now Open