The Untold Tale ReadAlong


My publisher, REUTS PUBLICATIONS, and fellow fantasy author C.M. Spivey, have banded together to put together a READ ALONG blog series for “The Untold Tale” in advance of the release of “The Forgotten Tale.”

Below is an excerpt from the blog:

Welcome to The Untold Tale read-along! The Untold Tale by J.M. Frey is the first book in the Accidental Turn series, the second book of which, The Forgotten Tale, will be released on December 6th. To prep for book two, we’re sharing a ten-part series that will be part recap, part review, and part discussion of the book that has been called the “most important work of fantasy written in 2015.”

Part One: Chapters 1 and 2

In this section, we’re introduced to our narrator Forsyth Turn, lord of a rural fiefdom by day, King’s Shadow Hand by night, as he receives the unexpected delivery of a grievously injured person. That person turns out to be a victim of the evil Viceroy, the biggest bad in the kingdom of Hain, and his lackey Bootknife, whose preferred method of torture is carving designs into people’s backs.

But Lucy Piper, aka Pip, outlasted her captors, resisting their interrogation longer (and gaining a more elaborate scar) than anyone Forsyth has ever heard of. Between that and the fact that nothing about her points to any family or country he knows–and as the Shadow Hand, he knows just about everything–Forsyth finds himself engrossed by his impressive and mysterious guest.

Given the scant clues he is able to discern about Pip and the conditions of her imprisonment, Forsyth begins to consider that she may be more than human; that she is, in fact, a mythical Reader. Far from being an answer, this possibility only raises more questions.

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If you want to join the read-along, you can get a FREE copy of the book here on StoryCartel or here on NetGalley. If you want to BUY the book, here are the store links:  GoodReads | Kindle | Publisher’s Store | Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Nook | Chapters Indigo | iTunes Books | Smashwords

And don’t forget – THE FORGOTTEN TALE, book two of The Accidental Turn series, launches December 6th.

In the meantime, you can read the Prequel Comic, read the free Short Story, and get your hands on the Interstitial Novella to tide you over:  Kindle | Publisher’s Store | Kobo | Barnes & Noble / Nook  iTunes Books | Smashwords

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