GenreCon Schedule 2017

Here is my speaking schedule for this year’s GenreCon!

Come find me at any of these panels, which I am certain will have Q&A sessions. There’s no planned autograph sessions on the schedule, so feel free to come up to me whenever you see me if you’d like – I’m always open for a chat and a chance to shake hands and sign books.

Please be aware that you will have to bring your own books for signing.

(There is a Chapters in the mall across the road that can order books in for you, if you call them ASAP. Also, MythHawker will be in attendance at the Con, though I haven’t heard whether anyone from the con has given them a list of authors in attendance.)



Writing for NaNoWriMo JM Frey, Crystal Bourque, MJ Moores HANLON ROOM 8:00:00 PM An idyllic writer’s event, smack-dab in the middle of your crazy life.


How to Manufacture your books or games. Jamie Doran, Thomas Gofton, JM Frey BROCK ROOM 10:00:00 AM Want to take manufacturing into your own hands? Learn foreign market trends, costs, and how to avoid the pitfalls of board game manufacturing.


Self-Publishing: Books, games and more! JM Frey, Thomas Gofton, Ryan Toxopeus, Sarah WaterRaven MCCRAE ROOM 1:00:00 PM Books, games, and more!


Con Horror Stories – We all have them. Now let’s hear them! JM Frey, Candice LePage, HANLON ROOM 5:30:00 PM We all have them. Now let’s hear them!
JM FreyGenreCon Schedule 2017