Happy Authors for Indies Day!

Happy Authors for Indies day! I was supposed to be over at Bakka Phoenix, my fave indie bookstore in Toronto this weekend, but schedules got flipped around for the play I’m in, and sadly I have to be at rehearsal instead.

But that’s okay, I can still profess my love for independent bookstores without being in one!

Firstly, what is Authors For Indies?

From the website:

Authors for Indies is a national campaign in support of independent bookstores. On Saturday April 29, hundreds of Canadian authors will be volunteering as guest booksellers at indie bookstores across the country. This is the day we authors give back to the bookstores who support us every day of the year.

 Independent bookstores are more than just retailers. Indie bookstores are spaces where you can open a book at random, fall into another world, and take it home with you forever. Where you can enter and breathe in that new book smell. Where you can talk to people who are passionate about recommending exactly the right book. Where you are part of a reading community.

 If that’s how you feel about bookstores, then come out on Saturday April 29. Every participating bookstore will feature different activities. We’ll be there to chat about good books, give readings, sign books, or call Bingo games, if that’s what the bookstore wants us to do.There could be music, cupcakes, kids’ events, art tables, or contests. For sure every store will feature Canadian authors and a great contest to win one of 20 signed, original prints created by acclaimed children’s author-illustrator Kevin Sylvester.

 Use FIND A STORE (on the menu bar on the website) to locate a participating bookstore near you. The closer we get to April 29 the more complete the list of participating bookstores and authors. Bring family and friends and make a day of it!

 What can you do to support your local indie bookstore?

Shop there! It’s as simple as that. Afraid that the store won’t have the selection that a regular big-box franchise would? Just ask! Indie book stores have the ability to order in exactly what you want, and more than that, you showing an interest means that they’ll pay attention and probably start stocking more books you’ll like. On top of that, the staff at an indie book store are always keen to help you find your next great read.

What can you do to support indie authors at indie bookstores?

Request our work, so that the shop owners learn about our books, and hopefully shelve them. Also suggest us for local literary festivals, reading events, and conventions. You want me to appear at your local indie bookshop? Let them know.

And because I love them, and they’ve done so much for me and my career, please follow and support:

Bakka Phoenix

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