“The Skylark’s Song” – Reading Videos

Yes! That’s right!

With the permission of my publisher, REUTS Publications, I have spent the last few weeks reading my novel on camera for you! I’m in the middle of editing the videos now, and will start serializing them on July 13th.

You can find out all about the duology here.


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So, fair warning here – while I am a professional actor, this isn’t going to be full-on Audiobook quality. I just wanted to do something fun to share this novel with people stuck inside during the lockdown; especially for those of you like me who are having trouble concentrating enough to read.

In these videos, I’ll be reading the book out loud for the first time, and while I’ve done some editing to catch some of the big stumbles and stutters, this isn’t a controlled enough production to get all of them. So, it’s very organic, and honest, and I hope you like it! Also, the visuals are pretty static; it’s just me sitting in my favourite reading chair reading from the book.

My thought with this was that people could either use this like a video series and actually watch it, or just put it on and let it run as they do other things, as if it was an audiobook or podcast.

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JM Frey“The Skylark’s Song” – Reading Videos