ANNOUNCEMENT: “Dear Abby” now on Radish

In my continued quest to republish my backlist for my erotica works as Peggy Barnett, I’ve begun to serialize DEAR ABBY on Radish. I’m shocked and delighted that my readership is growing on this reading app, and am amazed by how much everyone seems to like my weird early-career spice.

You keep being awesome, you thirsty Radish Readers!

About the novella:

Abigail writes hokey travel advice articles that promote her company’s package tours. She gets to experience tons of resorts every year, but there’s only so much a girl can stand. So when a beautiful woman begins to pay Abby more than the standard amount of attention, Abby takes notice. After all, a nice vacation affair is just what she might need to liven up her trip. But then things start to get weird. A creepy black mark has appeared on Abby’s palm, Abby’s new lover is growing unusually possessive, and Abby… Abby can’t seem to be able to have sex enough. Abby’s lover is named after a goddess, but she couldn’t really be one… could she?


JM FreyANNOUNCEMENT: “Dear Abby” now on Radish