ANNOUNCEMENT: “Time and Tide” to be published with Wattpad

“J.M. Frey’s TIME AND TIDE, pitched as bi Outlander, about a young woman who is rescued from a plane crash by a dashing sea captain in 1805, and while trying to find her place in this unfamiliar time, falls for a historically famous authoress, to Margot Mallinson at W by Wattpad, for publication in summer 2024.”

I have been waiting for 56 weeks to share this news!

For those eagle-eyed readers who think the description of this novel is familiar, you’re right. Time and Tide is the revised version of my self-published sapphic romance A Woman of the Sea/The Woman Who Fell Through TimeYou read stories of authors who get their selfpubbed books picked up by a traditional publishing house and re-released with professional editing and a new cover, but I honestly thought the odds of it happening to my work were astronomically low. Imagine my surprise when, almost exactly a year ago, I got an email inquiring about the rights from W by Wattpad!

I’ve really enjoyed working with my editor, Margot, and the marketing team behind the title so far. Their ideas for the cover are fantastic, and we’re already cooking up some other story ideas for our next book together. I have this summer to work on the edits, and I’m thrilled to be bringing you a sleeker, awesomer, and sexier version of this novel.

I can’t wait to share the updates with you!

JM FreyANNOUNCEMENT: “Time and Tide” to be published with Wattpad