Review copies of all works available on request.


Screenplays & Audio Dramas

  • To A Stranger, currently being shopped for production.
  • Untitled Lesbian Dating Webseries, currently being shopped for production.
  • Late Bloomers, currently being written.


  • “Tobogganing”, in The White Wall Review vol 32, Ryerson University Press, 2008
  • “Water Garden”, in The White Wall Review vol 32, Ryerson University Press, 2008
  • “On the Hazards of Dating a Vancouver-Based Actor”, in In My Bed Magazine vol 5, Fall 2009
  • The Dark Lord and the Seamstress, (CreateSpace Independent Publishing) October 2014


  • “Social, Political and Artistic Contexts, Affecting The Development of Kabuki from Origins to Contemporary Supakabuki, Prevalent in Masahi Todayama’s Inu Yasha” – Bachelor of Arts thesis, Spring 2005, Brock University
  • Identiplay: Cosplay, Cons, Camp, and the Carnivalesque” – presented at the Pop Culture Association of America’s annual conference, San Francisco, March 2008
  • “Whose Doctor?” – presented at the Whoniversal Appeal academic conference at the University of Cardiff, Wales, November 2008
  • “Un-caped Crusaders: Illness Memoirs, 9/11, and Comics” – presented at the Ryerson Grad Seminar, Spring 2009.
  • “Modern Mixed Media: Techniques for Using Online Fandoms for Teaching and Research” – presented at the Technology and Pedagogy conference at York University in March, 2009.
  • Water Logged Mona Lisa: Who Is Mary Sue and Why Do We Need Her?” – Master of Arts thesis, Spring 2009, Ryerson and York Universities
  • “Whose Doctor?”, in Doctor Who In Time And Space, McFarland Press, April 2013.



  • “Bloodsuckers” and “Toronto the Rude” in The Toronto Comic Anthology vol 2, May 2015
  • Ivy, an Accidental Turn prequel comic, November 2015
  • “TTC Gothic” in The Toronto Comic Anthology vol 5, 2018
  • “TTC Gothic: more stories” in Amazing Stories Magazine, vols 1 – 4, 2018

As Peggy Barnett

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