COVER REVEAL: Worldbuilding Through Culture

COVER REVEAL: Worldbuilding Through Culture

This beautiful cover is by Ruthanne Reid, and always, it’s fantastic.

It’s taken nearly two years of work, but I have finally completed converting my in-person presentation workshop “Worldbuilding Through Culture” into a workbook! Originally conceived and given as a presentation to help writers break out of their own cultural biases in order to create a thorough and imaginative secondary world, it was re-jigged into a downloadable guide and question list when the first Lockdowns hit, and all the in-person version of my workshop was cancelled.

Since then, I’ve been working to create a version that you, the creator, can buy and write directly in. Once you’ve worked your way through the concept introductions, question lists, and prompts, you’ll literally be able to hold the scope of your secondary world in your hand. And, better than that, you’ll have everything you need to refer to right there, all in one place.

The workbook is divided into chapters, with note-taking space, for:


Buying links are coming soon, as the approvals are still wending their way through the labyrinth of the printing house. But I hope to have it on sale for November 15, 2022.

JM FreyCOVER REVEAL: Worldbuilding Through Culture
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WORDS FOR WRITERS: Types of Editing

WORDS FOR WRITERS: Types of Editing

There are many ways to approach manuscript editing, each with its own particular process, and nearly every editor and writing advice site has their or its own method.  This post will describe the most common types, explain what they’re for, and provide questions you can ask yourself to ensure that you’re approaching this stage in the best way possible.

Bear in mind that this is my preferred order to do these kinds of editing, but feel free to do whatever works for you.

Click here to read the full article | Read more Words for Writers Articles here

JM FreyWORDS FOR WRITERS: Types of Editing
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ANNOUNCEMENT: “City by Night” now on Radish!

ANNOUNCEMENT: “City by Night” now on Radish!

If you prefer to read your steamy fiction on RADISH, then good news – my vampire-romance-satire novella CITY BY NIGHT is now available on the app. Click here to read now. Chapters drop every Thursday.

But don’t worry, the ebook and paperback versions are still available from your favorite book store.

About the book:

This is a story about Mary, number one fan of the hottest cult vampire detective TV show, City By Night… until it becomes all too real. An accident with the Craft Services truck sends her hurtling into the world of the show, and Mary is thrilled – who wouldn’t want to live alongside their favorite TV characters?

Unfortunately, living in TV-land isn’t all that Mary thought it would be. Not only is Mary disillusioned with what she thought was a lush world until she had to try to maneuver in it, now she’s about to be murdered by one of the stupidest clichés in the history of television in a world that, pardon the pun, totally sucks.

A loving satire of the Toronto film industry, vampire-cop television, and what it really means to be a “fan”.

JM FreyANNOUNCEMENT: “City by Night” now on Radish!
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WORDS FOR WRITERS: Stages of Editing

WORDS FOR WRITERS: Stages of Editing

Draft one of a manuscript is for you. In this draft, you get to tell your story to yourself. You can write as much as you want, go off on tangents or side quests, or infodump and worldbuild to your heart’s content.

Draft two is for your readers. Draft two is where you rework the story you told yourself to ensure that you transmit it to the readers in a way that is entertaining, enjoyable, and understandable. That’s not to say it has to be basic or simplistic—but it must be comprehensible.

As Neil Gaiman is fond of saying: In draft one, write down everything that happens. In draft two, go back and make it look like you knew what you were doing all along.

So where do you start? Here’s how I usually break up my phases of editing.

JM FreyWORDS FOR WRITERS: Stages of Editing
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ANNOUNCEMENT: “Dear Abby” now on Radish

ANNOUNCEMENT: “Dear Abby” now on Radish

In my continued quest to republish my backlist for my erotica works as Peggy Barnett, I’ve begun to serialize DEAR ABBY on Radish. I’m shocked and delighted that my readership is growing on this reading app, and am amazed by how much everyone seems to like my weird early-career spice.

You keep being awesome, you thirsty Radish Readers!

About the novella:

Abigail writes hokey travel advice articles that promote her company’s package tours. She gets to experience tons of resorts every year, but there’s only so much a girl can stand. So when a beautiful woman begins to pay Abby more than the standard amount of attention, Abby takes notice. After all, a nice vacation affair is just what she might need to liven up her trip. But then things start to get weird. A creepy black mark has appeared on Abby’s palm, Abby’s new lover is growing unusually possessive, and Abby… Abby can’t seem to be able to have sex enough. Abby’s lover is named after a goddess, but she couldn’t really be one… could she?


JM FreyANNOUNCEMENT: “Dear Abby” now on Radish
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