What is a Book Trailer?
Book trailers are like movie trailers, except for books. They are video teasers created by a publisher, marketing professional, or author to attract attention to both the book and the author. These trailers can take many forms – some are simply single-camera shot of the author reading part of thier story, or talking about the book. Sometimes they are elaborate, high-end, fully produced trailers designed to mimic blockbuster movie trailers. Sometimes they are an animated version of the book’s cover and interior illustrations.

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J.M. Frey reads from every published work she’s got, in one playlist!

JM Frey reads from “The Once and Now-ish King” at the Grave of King Arthur at Glastonbury Abbey
Filmed by Karen Wood.

When The Hero Comes Home
by JLeaver Presentations and Make Go Work Productions

by MacBeth Productions

J.M. Frey reads from “When the Villain Comes Home” at Glad Day Book Shop
video by Brienne Wright

J.M. Frey reads from “Triptych” at Glad Day Book Shop
video by Brienne Wright

J.M. Frey explains what her essay “Whose Doctor?” is about.

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