COVER REVEAL: Worldbuilding Through Culture

COVER REVEAL: Worldbuilding Through Culture

This beautiful cover is by Ruthanne Reid, and always, it’s fantastic.

It’s taken nearly two years of work, but I have finally completed converting my in-person presentation workshop “Worldbuilding Through Culture” into a workbook! Originally conceived and given as a presentation to help writers break out of their own cultural biases in order to create a thorough and imaginative secondary world, it was re-jigged into a downloadable guide and question list when the first Lockdowns hit, and all the in-person version of my workshop was cancelled.

Since then, I’ve been working to create a version that you, the creator, can buy and write directly in. Once you’ve worked your way through the concept introductions, question lists, and prompts, you’ll literally be able to hold the scope of your secondary world in your hand. And, better than that, you’ll have everything you need to refer to right there, all in one place.

The workbook is divided into chapters, with note-taking space, for:


Buying links are coming soon, as the approvals are still wending their way through the labyrinth of the printing house. But I hope to have it on sale for November 15, 2022.

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JM FreyCOVER REVEAL: Worldbuilding Through Culture
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INTERVIEW: “So… I’m Writing a Novel”

INTERVIEW: “So… I’m Writing a Novel”

I was interviewed by the kind and extremely articulate Oliver Brakenbury of the “So… I’m Writing A Novel” podcast, and you can listen to the whole episode here!

Episode Description
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Oliver has a long, highly informative chat with author, actor, and voice actor J.M. Frey about her experiences as a writer, including what happens when your book grows to around the 200K word mark, self-publishing, the challenges of author exhaustion (incl. frank discussion of how the economics of publishing deals have evolved), when she received her first piece of fan art based on her work, and more! Jess is terribly knowledgeable, and we strongly recommend you check out her site not only for all the great advice it contains, but also to study how Jess presents herself online.

JM FreyINTERVIEW: “So… I’m Writing a Novel”
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COVER REVEAL – “Lips Like Ice”

COVER REVEAL – “Lips Like Ice”


It’s Cover Reveal time! Lips Like Ice is getting a reprint, and a new BEAUTIFUL cover. (I say ‘beautiful’ a lot in this video, but it IS!)

Available September 1st, 2021 through online retailers. Keep an eye on my Erotica Books page for updated links as they become available.

JM FreyCOVER REVEAL – “Lips Like Ice”
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LIPS LIKE ICE – Now Available on Wattpad & Radish

LIPS LIKE ICE – Now Available on Wattpad & Radish

I’ve been re-releasing my backlisted titles over the last year with my personal imprint Here There Be. I’m happy to announce that in advance of the re-release of my 2015 erotica novel LIPS LIKE ICE, I will be serializing it on Radish and Wattpad for free.

There will be three short episodes dropping each week, and the complete ebook and paperback will be released in Fall 2021. After that, the free version of the book will be pared back to just an excerpt, so read as it’s released if you want to get the whole story!

Happy Reading!

JM FreyLIPS LIKE ICE – Now Available on Wattpad & Radish
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